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September is Hair Color Month!!!!!

Hair Color Month is here again and to celebrate, all our hair color guests will receive the gift of beauty:

A free Facial Treatment (regularly priced at $45) while your hair color process. Feel your face and neck totally renewed with this personalized treatment (according to skin needs). Five to six steps of applications that will deep clean, detoxify, smooth, moisturize and plump your skin for a healthier, younger look. Oily skin or going through acne? No problem. We have the right products that control and clarify. 

Any color service applies to this offer, highligths, and even partial color services.

That's Right! This month we celebrate a great Color Party. Everyone can experiment with hair color. Right before the Holidays is always a great time to try new shades or simply update our image by adding a few lighter strands. It is the time to look our best, and this particular month you can walk out of your hair appointment with smoother and plumped skin as a value added.