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What makes your HAIR COLOR Sense experience different from others?

You are not just another client for us!


On our consultation we approach your beauty needs in a personalized way because we believe in diversity and exclusiveness.


Our designers and colorists analyze your features and personality very carefully to achieve the best results, so that the final look will not appear unnatural or forced, but will flow very easy and complementary to your image.


We are very concerned in providing you with a fresh new look that will be enhancing, comfortable and wearable.


It is vital for us and you that your new style is easy for you to wear and maintain.


At HAIR COLOR Sense we make every effort to use and be knowledgeable of the latest and most effective professional products and provide you with information on how to use them at home to maintain what we do at the hair salon.


We are here for you.


We believe in long term relationships with our clients. that is why we know the importance of using only the best products and the latest proven techniques when performing our services.


We will never compromise our client's hair integrity, using lower quality products for the purpose of cutting costs.


While other hairstylists and colorists try to impose their ideas and personal taste on to the clients, maybe because certain looks are easier to accomplish for them, we are completely the opposite.


At HAIR COLOR Sense we keep our education current and appreciate professional challenges. We want to hear your wants and needs.


We encourage our clients to bring pictures to their consultations or browse through our magazines to find their desired hair color, hair cut, style and even make up, then we apply our knowledge to try to duplicate the look.


When the look is likely impossible to achieve due to the current hair condition, for example, if the hair is very dark, in a bad condition and the client wants to be platinum blond, we explain why it would be impossible in the first visit perhaps, and will recommend a series of improving treatments to bring the hair to the state where we can perform the service safely and reach the desired results.


We will always give you our most sincere professional opinion and will never over promise on the final outcome.

Other Features of Interest:

For Hygiene:

  • All brushes, combs, hair clips, robes, etc, are washed and sanitized after each use.

  • All manicure, pedicure and skin care equipment is sanitized and disinfected by immersion with specialized solutions after each use cautiously.

  • Disposable articles like wooden sticks and spatulas are completely discarded after each service.

For Your Well Being:


Every Hair Cut is enhanced with a scalp massage that not only helps in soothing your senses but also activates circulation at the follicles in your scalp to stimulate your hair to grow faster and healthier. Request yours when not receiving a color service, otherwise your scalp will be too activated to receive a color application.

Saving Tips:


Every so often we communicate to our clients our monthly specials.(A great way to save and try new services at special prices.) Also there are additional ways to save for clients that belong to our special clubs.

That is why HAIR COLOR Sense is probably the best choice when searching for the best salon to color your hair and have any other beauty services done in Coral Gables, Miami, Florida.


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