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HCS Customized Manicure: Our House Manicure, your every week basic, is redesigned every time for each guest according to their hands and nails needs.


French Style Manicure: In addition to well treated hands enjoy design perfection. Show your hands with pride and sophistication!


Spa Signature Manicure: After treating your nails and cuticles with detail, a two step exfoliation and a gentle hand and arm massage with finishing lotion make this the ultimate hand and nail treatment.


The Citrus aroma releases tension and energizes the senses.


 Mini Manicure: The quick fix. Removing old polish, cutting or filing your nails, massage with one of our highly moisturizing hand lotions followed by the application of new polish.


Shellac Manicure: Wear your manicure for up to two weeks without chips or smudges. Newest generation in nail enhancement products.


Nails grow faster, cuticles keep under control. At the end of your manicure your nails are dry right away and ready to go. Perfect for vacations, busy moms and anyone working excessively with water. 


Gel Nail Extensions: The most natural approach to nail extensions, odorless formulas and very natural looking enhancements. It is the new approach to acrylics.


Manicure for Him: Show trimmed, clean nails and moisturized skin. Enjoy the scrub aroma while you relax with the hand massage.




HCS Customized Pedicure: Our House Pedicure, your basic, is redesigned every time for each guest according to their feet needs.


French Style Pedicure: In addition to well treated feet enjoy step sophistication.


Spa Signature Pedicure: After treating your nails and cuticles with detail, feel the benefits of the highly moisturizing exfoliation, the foot and leg massage and the deliciously energizing foot mask.


Mini Pedicure: The quick fix for your feet or a good choice in between pedicures. Remove old polish, cutting or filling, massage with scrub to eliminate some of the dead skin and application of new polish.


This service is a great fast refresher after been on your feet all day.


Shellac Pedicure: Wear your Pedicure for a longer time without chipping. Newest generation in nail enhancement products. Cuticles keep under control.


Your nails are dry and ready to go, which means: closed shoes can be worn right away. the shine stays the same after weeks of wear.


Pedicure for Him: Nothing better than a foot treatment after a busy day. It will make you feel fresh and revitalized and will give you confidence to wear your summer slides more often.


Hands and Feet Paraffin Baths


coral gables best skin care


Customized Face Facials and Back Facials: We offer Anti-aging, Vitamin C, Acne treatment, Deep moisturizing, Hyper Pigmentation treatments and more. Facials will be prescribed according to skin needs.

Hair Removal (Waxing): Our wax has a cream like texture which reduces discomfort when pulling. Our technique is also intended to provide maximum relaxation.

We strive for sanitation when performing any services and none of our implements are ever used in more than one client.

Make Up Application: Make up applications are complementary when you buy $70 in the products of your choice from our Skin Care or Make Up line.

Personalized Make Up Class: Enjoy a class focused specifically on your face needs. Products are included to take home.

eyelash extensions coral gables


We offer our clients different varieties of eyelash extensions. If you want them to last a day, just for a special occasion, we got them. Need them for a week, we also got them. Need to have them all the time? Do not worry, we got you covered!

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