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Perfect Color at all times !!!
miami hair color




Hair Color

(New Growth or Full Applications)

Color Design for Her (Hair Coloring)

Color Splash: Color bath to only deposit pigment. Last 3 to 6 weeks. Add shine and body to your hair. In light colors, tone and level can be changed.

Color Infusion: Color bath than can deposit and lighten color and also covers gray hair. Low ammonia formula.


Color Infusion Maintenance: Touch up of the new hair growth after weeks went by and natural color is showing at the scalp area.

Hair Line Color Infusion: Can be done up to 3 weeks after Full Color Infusion or Color Infusion Maintenance has been performed. Includes only the front, top and sides hair line. Retouch can be extended up to 6 weeks.

Double Coloration: When hair is desired at such a light tone than natural color needs to be lifted with a special enlightening agent to the desired level and then Re-color on the desired tone, for example as in platinum blond.

Double Coloration Maintenance: Touch up of the new hair growth after weeks went by & natural color is showing at the scalp area (due to hair growth)

Hair Color Corrections (To get rid of unwanted tones)

Color Erasing: It is needed when hair has been previously colored and a lighter shade is now wanted or when unwanted tones are present. This service is often part of a color correction.

hair color gables
hair color coral gables
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affordable hair color in gables

Highlights and Contrast

Enlightened: Slices of lighter color through your hair. It could be done over natural hair color or over color infused hair.

Color Movement (Shadows, Balayage, Ombre and Ecaille): Enjoy multi-tone color in a vertical design that can belong to the same tonal family or can be accented with complementary tones.

Blond in Perfect Balance: Show a blond that is richer in tonal definition with cool and warm tones in perfect balance.

Contrast: Sometimes hair needs some slightly darker strands to interact with layers and let the lighter pieces show through. These darker areas create dimension, shine and movement


Color Infusion Sealers: Add vibrancy and shine to freshly color infused hair. It also prolongs tone life and prevents fading. Ask for it in a clear form or with added tone to enhance hair color even more. Could be applied to refresh hair lengths or after Enlighted.

Crystallized Tonality: Converts porous and damaged hair into smooth, filling out the interior of each strand. Works not only on the surface, but also inside the hair shaft to provide a healthy, smooth surface that reflects light and shine.

Contains no oxidizing agents or ammonia.

Tones For Him

Camouflage: Blend your gray away, without covering it, improves the shine of your hair and you will look at least 5 years younger in 10 minutes. Enjoy six weeks of a younger you. No need for maintenance if you decide not to keep it.

Undercover: Cover your Gray completely with natural, healthy color that improves your skin tonality. Usually we will recommend your previous natural hair tone or very close to it to avoid looking artificial.

Enlighten me: Only one or two shades lighter than your natural color.

Mirror effect: Just a healthy transparent glow and volume improvement, for thicker and healthier looking hair. Not color added.

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