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The First Hair Color Specialized Hair Salon in the Miami Area.

Although we specialize in Hair Color, we offer all the services of a full beauty salon.

  • Our hair coloring products contain luxurious, high technology ingredients that ensure optimum hair nourishment, which is the cosmetic base for excellent results.

  • Our low ammonia formulas deliver up to 70% more luminosity, even when compared to untreated or virgin hair; the Multicolor Complex and shine enhancers in our color baths transport crystalline shine and vibrancy.

  • Smaller and highly pigmented molecules, in addition to stabilized developers anchor all our customized shades to the hair for vibrant, glossy, long lasting color, even on resistant grays.

Our main goal is to keep your hair healthy, therefore: 

  • We work only with the best hair color products and practice the safest and most secure methods of application when coloring your hair.

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Perfect Hair Color at All Times

1. Consultation.

The first step in creating beautiful and functional hair color at the salon, is getting to know our guest.

Talking about your hair needs and lifestyle will help your colorist define what you like or dislike, how you want to be perceived by others, the image that you do not want to project and the kind of maintenance that you can commit to at the salon.

2. Analysis 

In the next phase of Consultation one of our expert Hair Colorists will analyze the undertones of your skin, the color of your eyes, your eyebrows, your dressing style and color patterns.

Also your natural and previously colored hair will be examined to know level, tone and texture as well as percentage of gray.

3. Choosing the shade, tone, pattern and formulation.

Knowing all the information about your current hair color and texture and visualizing the desired look, we proceed to custom mix your formula.

By choosing the right components, the formula could be permanent or temporary according to your specific needs.

The pattern for application is also taken into consideration, for example if it is going to be applied to the entire hair or only to some sections as in highlights.

All our formulas are kept in records to ensure consistency in results and improvement with every visit.

4. Precise application.

Precise application ensures precise results.

If application is poor the color can look spotted and may lack vibrancy.

We are very cautious with the application and developing process because we understand the difference.

5. After Care.

Rinsing the formula from your hair carefully to avoid leaving any chemicals behind is important for the health of your hair and scalp.

Leaving anything in your scalp can cause itch and irritation after few hours, even when not noticed at first.

Chemicals left on the hair after your visit to the salon, can cause breakage.

In addition your Colorist will recommend the use of the right at home care products according to your new color and texture to keep the integrity of your hair and lengthen the life of your new tone.


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