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Important Health Note

In addition to our high standards of cleaning and disinfection, HAIR COLOR Sense had taken sanitation even more serious since Covid19 is in existence. By entering the salon you are invited to use our automatic dispenser containing FDA approved alcohol based disinfectant and we suggest to use it also at the end of your visit. All surfaces and stations, including chairs and armrests are disinfected with CDC approved solution in between guests use. All handles and doorknobs are constantly been also disinfected. Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times and in addition, operators wear a shield while in direct contact or close to clients. We encourage the use of credit or debit card as a form of payment rather than cash. Cash is known to carry much bacteria, because it travels from hand to hand. The majority of our guests are regulars, many had been with us for over 20 years, we know the level of care they put into not getting their families contaminated, so we all work together to make the salon visit a fun, enjoyable but safe experience for everyone. We always had work by appointments and do not service so many clients at the same time. We are a very small team, therefore the salon would at no time be crowded with too many guests and operators, consequently safe distancing is always been practiced. Our staff get tested for Covid19 every other week and is held accountable for their actions. Placing our job as a priority, we do not participate in risky activities that will position our ability to service our clients in jeopardy.

Dear Clients and Friends,


We have reopened!!! However, in order to service you at the same time that we keep everyone safe, we want to assure you that we are taking the health and safety of our clients, our stylists and providers very seriously. There are many additional safety precautions and sanitation measures that we are implementing, following the CDC, State, County and City’s Guidelines.

As you know, we have always worked only by appointments and furthermore we emphasize that model now during the pandemic. We have never accepted Walk-ins, but now Walk-ins are prohibited by Law.

Remember, these measurements are to protect everyone and to help bring this pandemic down as soon as possible.



If clients have any suspicious symptoms or do not feel completely right, please, we ask that you reschedule your appointment for another occasion in which you feel healthy and for your safety and others, get tested as soon as possible. If you know you have been ill or around someone who has been ill, please wait 30 days to reschedule your appointment. Same applies for providers.

We are asking not to bring along friends, spouses or children with you to your appointment. Come alone. Only the customers receiving the service should enter the shop (except for a parent or guardian accompanying a minor).

Clients MUST bring and wear a mask at all times while they are inside the salon.

Please, do not arrive prior to your appointments or later. Arrive on-time and please, allow an additional 5-10 minutes for check-in.



According to County considerations for Personal Grooming Stores, capacity must be limited to 10 individuals (employees and customers) or 25% of building occupancy, whichever is smaller at any one time. At HAIR COLOR Sense, during this first reopening phase, there will be no more than 2 clients at the salon at a time. 1 Client per Operator will be our maximum and we will be keeping a minimum of six feet (6’) distance between customers within the shop. There is plenty of space around the premises.

We will make sure that before client visit us the doors are open so they don’t have to touch any door handles to come into the salon or out of the salon. We will provide 99% alcohol hand spray or hand sanitizer on your way in and on your way out.

You may be asked to fill out a short questionnaire and to have your temperature taken using a no-touch digital thermometer for contact tracing purposes.



We won’t have magazines or offer any refreshments in order to avoid the spreading. If water is needed, we will provide it in a disposable cup; however we encourage clients to come in with their bottled water or desired drink to avoid excessive exchanges.

We will continue to practice social distancing of 6 feet in the salon (except between you and your stylist during your service). Hugging and handshaking and anything other than the required contact to provide your service should be avoided at this time.

Clients MUST bring and wear a mask at all times while they are inside the salon. Coverings may be removed for a short time when necessary to perform face services as instructed by groomer/stylist) Please maintain distance and avoid unnecessary talking at this particular time. If a client has an underling illness such as sinusitis, allergies or asthma and the mask is interfering with the breathing, client may have their nose temporarily out of the mask but the mouth covered and the provider will avoid talking to prevent droplets exposure that can be inhaled if nose is not covered.

Operators will wear masks at all times, gloves and face shields for eye protection for further safety precautions while performing services on clients. This will also protect client from provider and vice-versa. We are using sneeze guard panels in our manicure stations in addition to the fact that the service provider will be wearing a face shield.

If by chance a client or provider may have a normal reflex of sneeze or coughing because of small dust particles within the mask, be sure to perform such action under your arm or use a tissue and discard it immediately. At the moment that this event takes place the provider will stay away from client for at least 10 seconds until all droplets settle.

Stylists and employees are following strict sanitation and disinfecting procedures all day long. These procedures include but are not limited to frequent hand washing, disinfecting chairs, armrests, styling stations, and tools, disinfecting door handles and knobs, restrooms, and all high touch areas. Capes and smocks are (and have always been at HAIR COLOR Sense) one-time use then washed, per client.



Our cleaning and disinfecting agents are EPA registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and minimum 60% alcohol. We have always been above the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulations) requirements on our in between client sanitizing and disinfecting cleaning routines, furthermore now during the pandemic period.

We clean and disinfect all hard, non-porous surfaces such as reception counter, computer keyboard, phones, door handles, light switches and point of sale equipment.

Workstations are cleaned and sanitized after each service(s) provided to the customer, including chairs, armrests, headrests, rolling cards and drawers. Also Manicure and Pedicure stations are completely sanitized and disinfected after each client use.

We clean and disinfect all implements used in our services by immersion, spray or wipe (according to implement type) and then store them in closed containers, including electrical implements used in our services.

We ensure that single use porous items are new and that linens like capes, robes and towels are laundered at high temperature settings after each use and stored in closed cabinets.

All items on our nail stations are either new, never used, or cleaned and disinfected and stored in a closed container until ready to use.

Our staff is constantly washing hands before, after and sometimes even during each service.


For the time being we will not be handling cash or checks. We will be accepting only Debit and Credit. We encourage paperless transactions and offer to email receipts if possible.

We will keep alert on, follow, revise and update the CDC, State, County and City’s new recommendations on this matter as needed.

Thank you very much for your support during this difficult time. And thank you for understanding and doing your part to work together towards our health and well-being as a community. We look forward to seeing you soon. If you have further questions and concerns, call anytime.

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