Dear Clients and Friends,


As you already know, most of the hair salons nationwide had seen themselves forced to close their doors temporarily. This is an industry where it is practically impossible to practice social distance while servicing our clients. We had to cancel all appointments and felt very powerless inside when most clients replied: -Can you see “me” still?

It breaks our heart! We know how vainly we can look at beauty. We may at a single glance, categorize it as a "nonessential practice", but boy, when those roots start to grow and those grays show curlier and thicker than the rest of the hair; or your hair is losing its shine and your haircut has lost all its shape, that’s when we start seeing it as "essential".

Same thing with your eyebrows, when the hairs around them start growing back, or even worse, the facial hairs above the upper lip and chin. Like someone said the other day in social media: “Hair Salons are closed? Nail salons are closed? Oh my, things are going to get really ugly now!”


That is exactly why we feel discouraged, not being able to solve those image challenges for our clients and friends right now. At the same time, we are facing a life and death challenge with the Covid-19 virus. We need to be patient and stay put to cause the least damage to each other. Let’s be apart, so that when we get together again, no one is missing.

During this time HAIR COLOR Sense is reanalyzing and preparing to apply even more measurements on sanitation and disinfection procedures to avoid the spread of Covid-19 or other viruses that may come ahead. We have always been above other salons on sanitation standards and even above the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) requirements of sanitation; but we want to make sure that when we reopen our doors, any time during the followings days, we are ready to avoid any contamination. Anybody or company that has direct interaction with people needs to raise their standards of cleanness, sanitation and disinfection to avoid putting any client or operator at risk.


We are glad to announce that we have some new exciting products available at the store and that we are going to extend the Hair Color Month Celebration for another month when we reopen. It would not be fair that many clients that had their appointments scheduled for March, would not be able to take advantage of the Specials offered. The Hair Color Month will be extended for everyone.


In the meant time, be safe. Do not expose yourselves unnecessarily out there and if you are due for your visit, communicate with us to keep you in the priority list to call you as soon as we know when we will be open again. Remember that we work by appointment only and by referrals from our own circle of clients; and specially now, we do not want to risk anyone, having more than two or three clients at the salon at the same time. We need extra time to disinfect surfaces and consistently do hand washing during and in between appointments. Focusing in one client at a time, has always been our priority. Even more from now on, our plan is to be particularly exclusive and caring with every single client and to wear protective gear like gloves and mask during direct contact.

Any questions? Or need any tips on how to keep your current look not so "unlookable" meanwhile? Please call us, we are eager to help as much as we can.



(305) 460-4700 

1 Andalusia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134, USA