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New Year 2021 Special


Start the New Year with better care, adding extra moisture to hair and skin to balance the current need of continually cleansing. All moisturizers in all the hair and skin care lines, Conditioners, Treatments, Serums, Eye and Night Creams, Leave In, Styling products, and Face Primers are now on sale at 15%OFF just until February 27th 2021.


Why this offer?

Since the pandemic started we have been taking showers and washing our hair and our face more often than ever. This of course is needed to prevent the spread of not only Covid19, but any other viruses. Using any cleansing product excessively tends to create a dryer surface on our skin and hair. For example our hair relies on the sebaceous glands in our scalp to naturally produce oil to keep its manageability, elasticity, movement and shine. It also keeps it from breaking excessively. The hair needs to keep an oil balance in order to look beautiful and healthy, neither too oily nor extremely dry. Same thing happens with our skin, the right balance is needed to keep a smooth, clear and healthy complexion without too much sebum formation and build up that lead to break ups or blemishes; but just the right amount of it is needed to prevent wrinkles, peeling skin, irritation, sensitivity and other more serious issues. That is the reason we use Shampoos and Conditioners, and Skin Cleansers and Moisturizers. To go a little deeper into hair care we can walk into the arena of Hair Treatments, Leave In or Styling Products that protect the hair by sealing its cuticles and encouraging each strand to mold into a wave, curl or straight shape. Many of these Styling or Leave Ins will contain heat protection ingredients that activate while we are using a hair dryer, some may have UV protection and many other qualities according to different hair type needs. Then we have the Finishing Products, such as Hair Sprays and Serums.

In the skin care categories, after Cleansers, and Exfoliators we can mention Toners, Specialized Serums, Masks, Treatments, Night Creams and Eye creams. Daytime moisturizers that contain UV protection, Primers, etc. Of course in each of these categories there are plenty of different formulations targeting the different needs of every person’s skin such as dryness, excessive oil production, discoloration, sagginess, etc.

We can also make a radical difference if we use a milder cleansing product. To clean your hair in a gentler manner, ask for our sulfate free shampoos. We also have them available for every hair type or need: Extra Moisturizer, Volume, Color Care, Curl or Frizz Control, to stop Breakage, to fight Brassiness (unwanted orange tones), to repair and care for Blond Hair and more.

Important Health Note

In addition to our high standards of cleaning and disinfection, HAIR COLOR Sense had taken sanitation even more serious since Covid19 is in existence. By entering the salon you are invited to use our automatic dispenser containing FDA approved alcohol based disinfectant and we suggest to use it also at the end of your visit. All surfaces and stations, including chairs and armrests are disinfected with CDC approved solution in between guests use. All handles and doorknobs are constantly been also disinfected. Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times and in addition, operators wear a shield while in direct contact or close to clients. We encourage the use of credit or debit card as a form of payment rather than cash. Cash is known to carry much bacteria, because it travels from hand to hand. The majority of our guests are regulars, many had been with us for over 20 years, we know the level of care they put into not getting their families contaminated, so we all work together to make the salon visit a fun, enjoyable but safe experience for everyone. We always had work by appointments and do not service so many clients at the same time. We are a very small team, therefore the salon would at no time be crowded with too many guests and operators, consequently safe distancing is always been practiced. Our staff get tested for Covid19 every other week and is held accountable for their actions. Placing our job as a priority, we do not participate in risky activities that will position our ability to service our clients in jeopardy.

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